Your vehicle has been stolen. You contact the police. Unfortunately due to budget cuts and the low priority of property crime, it's common to get abused here.

Cities like Los Angeles and Oakland and so many more across the US, won't even take a report over the phone, much less send an officer to the vehicle's owner, and require one to go to the police station to fill out a theft report.


This event is the beginning of a long and lengthy ordeal that can alter your life forever and could possibly take years to resolve if it can ever be resolved.


Once a police report is filled out, it's now time to contact your insurance company and submit an auto theft claim.

Once you contact a claims representative, you will be asked to give a recorded statement as to the events surrounding the claim.

There is very general list of questions that may be asked of you at this time. Although these questions are not exact, it gives you a general idea as to the directions of the questions the claims rep will ask you.


There is one very important point when answering these questions ALWAYS TELL THE TRUTH!!!!!


OK, what happens now?

After you give your recorded statement surrounding the theft of your vehicle to the insurance company, it is the claims representative's job to sift through your answers and compare to very generalized lists of fraud indicators.

This may be the very general contradictory fraud indicator list found at where just about everyone hits a variety of these so-called indicators.

A very common red flag (fraud indicator) is the fact the vehicle has a factory installed anti-theft system, with the most common being a computer chip in the key, programmed to the vehicle's computer. The correctly mated key is designed to allow only a specific ignition key to start the engine. It has been my experience over the past 10 years (involving transponder anti-theft) to see this event used to initiate an auto theft claims investigation. While this is not the sole reason for a potential denial of the claim investigators will use to deny a claim, very commonly the fact the vehicle is so-equipped will put a huge emphasis on the investigation.

This is because most of these investigators feel if the vehicle has one of these transponder anti-theft systems, the vehicle is virtually impossible to steal and that there must be insured involvement in the theft claim.

The investigation arm of the claims department is known as the SIU (Special Investigation Unit).

If you feel you are being accused of being involved with the theft, go with your instinct-you are being accused!


As the insured: If I am being investigated and I had absolutely nothing to do with the theft, I need to get and attorney right? WRONG!


Call 1-866-490-1673 for a qualified consultant to help you!

















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