Just some of the training  offered from over 2 decades of real life experience:



Looking for a new career path? This is a very exciting and fascinating field in which, has many different directions to aspire to.

It has come to our attention that P.I.s across the country charge anywhere from $50-$100 ph for their services. Commonly tedious and unremarkable assignments that are subjected to severe competition.

We offer enhancements to these P.I. businesses, where your skills will be in demand much more often. This training is not meant for anyone not trying to break out to more diversification. Our training gives you puzzle solving skills, in the area of automotive forensics.

What if the carrier asked you: Can you do a forensic analysis as to the origin and cause of a vehicle fire? What if you could say yes, and pull in an extra $500-$1,000 dollars per assignment?

What if the carrier asked you: Can you determine as to how a reported stolen vehicle was last operated? Wouldn't you love the ability to take such an assignment, being competent enough to author an attorney resistant report and pocket $500-$1000?

What if you had the opportunity to serve an attorney in these areas as a consultant or expert witness? Could you imagine taking a $3-$4,000 retainer and charge $200-$300 ph plus expenses?

What if you were to testify and charged $3-$4,000 per day which includes waiting time?

Some might say; "I don't know how I would market my skills." We assist you on that as well!




Over that past two decades, I have been fortunate enough to have great mentors, which has made me great at what I do. I have never stopped learning. A very tactical advantage I have had of which, is frowned on by the insurance industry is that I have had the uncanny opportunity to serve all sides, whether it was for insurance defense, plaintiff, criminal defense or law enforcement or insurance SIUs. This has given me the ability to be objective, as well as know what the other side will do to defend themselves against me. There are two ways to term my abilities here. These terms would be highly effective and very dangerous.

 I can mentor you in Automotive Forensics, Rebuttal Expert Witness Testimony, Forensic Reporting, Vehicle Fire/Defect Analysis, Evidence Gathering, and many more subjects.

In the case of examining reported stolen vehicles, we instruct with true scientifically verifiable procedures as to determining how a reported stolen vehicle was last operated. This training goes far past the mere ignition and keys, and better yet, many of these principals can be carried over to other disciplines as well.

Fact: My reports for over 2 decades have always been attorney resistant. In 24 years and examination of thousands of vehicles serving carriers, only 3 of my reports were ever contested in court. 2 went in our favor, and the third, the jury did not consider the forensics.

I have saved my client carriers millions of dollars on potential law suits they wanted to pursue, in which their was almost a guaranteed possibility they would lose.

This is in stark contrast to the forensic locksmiths that have to defend their reports on a daily basis nation-wide. One might ask; Why?

We can train you, in which the value of your services are enhanced in a unlimited amount of directions. For PIs, Fire Investigators, Auto Technicians, Police coming up for retirement, and anyone with real interest in the thrill of the chase and  additional substantial financial income, don't miss this opportunity!

Also available, which is a tremendous value! Consulting to plaintiff attorneys that really want to know the insurance investigation protocol on auto theft and how to relate this information into a successful bad faith action, and putting the odds in the plaintiff's corner instead of the defense!



The last 2 decades have not been work, but constant fun with tremendous challenges. What more could someone ask for? To get paid for something that one absolutely loves!!!!!

There is a constant stream of perpetual need for these areas and simply, it is not taught by anyone else!

I can even teach you how to market these skills!

Training can be done numerous ways. Either through Skype or other types of web correspondence, DVDs, written courses or in live seminars.

What makes our training so valuable, it has all been based on real application and not just academic  theory!

The major problem in training today is that it has been geared just to represent one side, commonly just insurance companies. If this is the direction you want to go, fine but you need to think like the opposition as soon as performing your examination and definitely at the time you are composing a report! You need to be aware as to the words and conclusions you use may be subject to potential attack and address this issue accordingly.

Expert witness


If you are very good, your reports may never be questioned. That indicates a very effective expert witness. It should be a very rare occasion if ever, that your reports if written factually and concisely be subject for someone to successfully refute them.

My experience commonly was as to serve as a rebuttal expert witness, which is far different than that of a first responder or the initial expert. My purpose was to attempt to prove the statements made by the opposing expert. This came with a challenge a to how dare I question the findings of the insurance defense expert. I was attacked personally and professionally in order to protect the insurance expert's conclusions, because the defense had no other strategy to prevent me from destroying their case. If I was more than capable of getting past this trail of smoke and mirrors, anyone I train will be able to as well.

Some have never had to give sworn testimony at a deposition, been faced with a bogus motion to exclude much less had to testify in a trial. There can be tremendous anxiety and there simply does not have to be.

Depositions are where the deposing attorneys rules are that thy can't physically assault you. Other than that, there are no rules! This is where the opposing attorney gets to have a very enjoyable time, twisting the deponent's words and making the deponent squirm. I train as to how to make very big money at a deposition and for the deponent to enjoy himself. Would you sit through questioning for $3,000.00- $4,000.00 for the day and get your check before you even start speaking?

There is more than one way to tell the truth! I will teach the deponent, no matter what discipline as to have fun (deposing attorney does not appreciate this, because it is their ball game), possibly set the  deposing attorney up for trial and other things, and of course you will have a big smile on your face from taking all that money you so rightly earned!


Automotive Forensics

There is always a need for automotive forensics. This may by determining a vehicle collision, a vehicle fire, a potential defect, or determining as to how a reported stolen vehicle was last operated. All are puzzles waiting to be solved!

Let's look at the GM ignition recall: Did you know that this is such a golden opportunity in which, the event can be successfully argued either way, for GM or against GM? Many think the ignition locks and keys are manufactured by GM, but I assure you that they are not!

The Chevrolet Corvette C6 was designed to self ignite, did you know that? NHTSA didn't either, even though the issue was blatantly recognized indirectly in the GM Corvette service manual. The origin and cause were not that difficult to find once electrical complaints of the fuel door solenoid were realized. This was classic forensics application, which could be repeated each and every time rendering the conclusion scientifically verifiable! Could a fire investigator find this on his own? Not without understanding as to how the electrical circuits were a part of this in order to replicate this event each and every time.

Automotive forensics is about puzzle solving. Knowing just one aspect whether is fire, vehicles, ignitions is not good enough. The forensic examiner needs to know all aspects and how they tie together.

Personally, I feel this is the shortcoming of an engineer. That engineer may be extremely knowledgeable on one component, but their downfall is the ability to realize the whole picture.

Case in point: Los Angeles Greines v Ford. The Ford engineer opined as to how the Ford Securilock A/K/A PATS was virtually unstealable and could not be hotwired. That was true as it related to the product the engineer designed. However, like many instances, he did not account for the way his product was implemented into the vehicle during assembly. I studied a service manual. I found a back door to defeat this system with a strategically placed wire. Yes, I hot wired the engineer designed system rendering it ineffective in a matter of seconds! The point being was that although this system was designed one way, the engineer could not see the whole picture, which in turn caused a severe credibility crisis on the part of Ford. Again, my results were irrefutable, because my bypass went in front of peer review. Each and every time my process was applied to a Ford truck or SUV, he PATS was defeated and benign. This gave the process a 0 error rating through consensus.

What you learn is to think outside the box and apply it to every forensic examination. Oh yes, never make a statement you cannot fully support!


Evidence Gathering


Currently, in my humble opinion, this is the Achilles' heel to all investigations and examinations. Poor photos, destroyed or altered evidence. I have seen this for 20 years, either from law enforcement, or forensic examiners involving crimes from insurance fraud, burglaries and even homicide investigations!

When if done properly, the criminal defense attorney would not be able to attack these issues, and yet currently, the door is wide open!

I train you as to what to look for in valuable evidence, how to preserve it, and as to how to testify on it.

You will be tested. With passing grades, you will be certified in the individual areas that trainin is ffered in through our certifying organization.

Please be aware that all training is intense and is as good as it gets!